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Sex hormone levels alter heart disease risk in older women

“In an analysis of data collected from more than 2,800 women after menopause, Johns Hopkins researchers report new evidence that a higher proportion of male to female sex hormones was associated with a significant increased relative cardiovascular disease risk. […] … Continue reading

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Too many men

“In China and India, men outnumber women by 70 million. Both nations are belatedly trying to come to grips with the policies that created this male-heavy generation” “Demographic changes are slow, in human terms, and this off-kilter M:F ratio will … Continue reading

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Interacting with women can impair men’s cognitive functioning (Study)

A b s t r a c t “The present research tested the prediction that mixed-sex interactions may temporarily impair cognitive functioning. Two studies, in which participants interacted either with a same-sex or opposite-sex other, demonstrated that men’s (but not … Continue reading

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