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Everyday Misunderstandings: Postponing a Meeting

“When asked to move next Wednesday’s meeting two days forward, English speakers tend to disagree on whether it will move to Friday or Monday depending on their use of ego-moving or time-moving representations of time. […] Most participants answered Monday … Continue reading

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How long will it take? Power biases time predictions (Study)

“People tend to underestimate the time it takes to accomplish tasks. This bias known as the planning fallacy derives from the tendency to focus attention too narrowly on the envisaged goal and to ignore additional information that could make predictions … Continue reading

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“Unable to dance to a beat when embedded in music” (Study (one case))

“Abstract Humans move to the beat of music. Despite the ubiquity and early emergence of this response, some individuals report being unable to feel the beat in music. We report a sample of people without special training, all of whom … Continue reading

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Spacetime invisibility cloaks can hide entire events inside temporal voids

“The basic idea is surprisingly simple. We see things because our eyes are able to interpret information from visible light. That light travels at, obviously enough, the speed of light, which means we see things once light has traveled from … Continue reading

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