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Psychology’s favourite moral thought experiment doesn’t predict real-world behaviour

The participants saw two cages – one housing one mouse, the other housing five – each wired to an electroshock machine. They were told that in 20 seconds, if they did nothing, the machine would deliver a very painful but … Continue reading

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Closing our eyes affects our moral judgements (Study, ResearchDigest)

“The simple act of closing our eyes has a significant effect on our moral judgement and behaviour. […] Participants with their eyes closed who heard a hypothetical scenario in which they deliberately over-estimated hours worked (so as to charge more) … Continue reading

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On conviction’s collective consequences: Integrating moral conviction with the social identity model of collective action (Study)

“This article examines whether and how moral convictions predict collective action to achieve social change. Because moral convictions – defined as strong and absolute stances on moral issues – tolerate no exceptions, any violation motivates individuals to actively change that … Continue reading

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Scientists Disrupt Moral Reasoning With Magnets To The Skull (Study)

“Want to make somebody lose her belief that harming somebody else is wrong? All you have to do is hold a special magnet up to her head in the right place. Using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation – in … Continue reading

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Washing Away Your Sins: Threatened Morality and Physical Cleansing

(Chen-Bo Zhong and Katie Liljenquist) “[…] In three studies, we explored what we call the “Macbeth effect”—that is, a threat to one’s moral purity induces the need to cleanse oneself. […] Daily hygiene routines such as washing hands, as simple … Continue reading

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