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Social Rejection Can Lead to Violence But, Mindfulness May Be the Solution

Image Source: NeuroscienceNews.com image is credited to theresearchers. “People who have greater levels of mindfulness — or the tendency to maintain attention on and awareness of the present moment — are better able to cope with the pain of being … Continue reading

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(Mindfulness) Meditation May Help the Brain ‘Turn Down the Volume’ on Distractions (Study, in ScienceDaily)

“The positive effects of mindfulness meditation on pain and working memory may result from an improved ability to regulate a crucial brain wave called the alpha rhythm. This rhythm is thought to “turn down the volume” on distracting information, which … Continue reading

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How Mindfulness Meditation Changes Decision-Making Process (Study, in ScienceDaily)

“If a friend or relative won $100 and then offered you a few dollars, would you accept this windfall? […] According to research conducted over the last three decades; only about one-fourth of us would say, “Sure. Thanks.” The rest … Continue reading

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Meditators can concentrate the hurt away (Study in ScienceNews)

“…in the April 6 Journal of Neuroscience. Individuals who practiced mindfulness meditation, or samatha, during a pain experiment reported much less discomfort than they did in earlier, meditation-free sessions. Samatha, the team says, flipped switches on or off in diverse … Continue reading

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