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Study: Word sounds contain clues for language learners

“This summer, Christiansen organized a symposium at a language acquisition conference in Montreal where evidence showed that some systematic sound-to-meaning correspondences do exist. For instance, toddlers consistently matched rounded vowels, such as “koko,” to rounded shapes and non-rounded vowels, such … Continue reading

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Chinese-English bilinguals are ‘automatic’ translators (Study)

Interesting experiment set up: English word pairs were shown to the participants. “The first word flashed on the computer screen so quickly (for just 59 milliseconds) that the person didn’t realise they had seen it. The second word appeared for … Continue reading

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The effects of bilingualism on toddlers’ executive functioning (Study, 2011)

“(Abstract) Bilingual children have been shown to outperform monolingual children on tasks measuring executive functioning skills. This advantage is usually attributed to bilinguals’ extensive practice in exercising selective attention and cognitive flexibility during language use because both languages are active … Continue reading

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“The mind’s eye can develop a knack for language in people who have been blind since birth.” (NewScientist)

“[…] fMRI measures blood flow in the brain to determine which neurons are most active. Since the 1990s the technology has shown, surprisingly, that the visual cortex flares up even in blind people. More puzzlingly, this activity occurs when they … Continue reading

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Lacanian psychoanalysis

“Jaques Lacan was a French psychoanalyst who reconceptualized Freud using post-structuralism. Lacan rejected attempts to link psychoanalysis with social theory, saying ‘the unconscious is the discourse of the Other’ — that human passion is structured by the desire of others … Continue reading

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