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The khipu code: the knotty mystery of the Inkas’ 3D records

“The Inka Empire (1400-1532 CE) is one of few ancient civilisations that speaks to us in multiple dimensions. Instead of words or pictograms, the Inkas used khipus – knotted string devices – to communicate extraordinarily complex mathematical and narrative information. … Continue reading

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“Knowledgeable individuals protect the wisdom of crowds” (Ed Young)

“Andrew King from the Royal Veterinary College found that it falls apart, but only in certain circumstances. At his university open day, he asked 82 people to guess the number of sweets in a jar. If they made their guesses … Continue reading

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Spring-Cleaning the Mind? Study Shows a Cluttered Brain Doesn’t Remember (Study, in ScienceDaily)

“Lapses in memory occur more frequently with age, yet the reasons for this increasing forgetfulness have not always been clear. According to new research from Concordia University, older individuals have reduced learning and memory because their minds tend to be … Continue reading

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Mystery of the Mind (Video; Discussion)

I really enjoyed listening to this 2-hour-roundtable-talk/discussion of 2007, between Ned Block, Richard Haier, Joseph LeDoux, Patrick McGrath, Craig Piers and Gianfranco Basti. I found it somewhat hard to listen to (and to follow) Giancarlo Basti, whom I nevertheless regard … Continue reading

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“Weizmann Institute scientists discover: A chemical signal in human tears”

“Specifically, they found that merely sniffing a woman’s tears – even when the crying woman is not present — reduces sexual arousal in men. Humans, like most animals, expel various compounds in body fluids that give off subtle messages to … Continue reading

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