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Positive fantasies about idealized futures sap energy (Study)

“Abstract Positive fantasies allow people to mentally indulge in a desired future. Whereas previous research found that spontaneously generated positive fantasies about the future predict poor achievement, we examined the effect of experimentally induced positive fantasies about the future. The … Continue reading

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Gestures Provide a Helping Hand in Problem Solving (Study, in ScienceDaily)

“Talking with your hands can trigger mental images that help solve complex problems relating to spatial visualization, an important skill for both students and professionals, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association. […] In a final experiment … Continue reading

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Closing our eyes affects our moral judgements (Study, ResearchDigest)

“The simple act of closing our eyes has a significant effect on our moral judgement and behaviour. […] Participants with their eyes closed who heard a hypothetical scenario in which they deliberately over-estimated hours worked (so as to charge more) … Continue reading

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Psychologists Use fMRI To Understand Ties Between Memories And The Imagination

“Psychologists have found that thought patterns used to recall the past and imagine the future are strikingly similar.” (July 1, 2007) “Remembering your past may go hand-in-hand with envisioning your future!” “All the regions that we know are important for … Continue reading

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