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Sex hormone levels alter heart disease risk in older women

“In an analysis of data collected from more than 2,800 women after menopause, Johns Hopkins researchers report new evidence that a higher proportion of male to female sex hormones was associated with a significant increased relative cardiovascular disease risk. […] … Continue reading

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Body’s Response to Repetitive Laughter Is Similar to the Effect of Repetitive Exercise (Study, in ScienceDaily)

“Laughter is a highly complex process. Joyous or mirthful laughter is considered a positive stress (eustress) that involves complicated brain activities leading to a positive effect on health. […] Berk and his colleagues were the first to establish that laughter … Continue reading

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Attention, Ladies: Semen Is An Antidepressant (Study, in ScientificAmerican)

“Vaginal exposure to semen elevates women’s mood. Perhaps you’re familiar with the McClintock effect, the observation that when groups of reproductive-age women live or work together (in college housing, the military, all-female workplaces, etc.), over time their menstrual periods tend … Continue reading

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