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Sex hormone levels alter heart disease risk in older women

“In an analysis of data collected from more than 2,800 women after menopause, Johns Hopkins researchers report new evidence that a higher proportion of male to female sex hormones was associated with a significant increased relative cardiovascular disease risk. […] … Continue reading

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Google’s new AI algorithm predicts heart disease by looking at your eyes

“• The rear interior wall of the eye (the fundus) is chock-full of blood vessels that reflect the body’s overall health. • By studying their appearance with camera and microscope, doctors can infer things like an individual’s blood pressure, age, … Continue reading

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Heart rates of fire-walkers and their relatives and friends (watching the walk) synchronize

“But with such readings difficult to obtain, they settled on heart rate, strapping monitors on fire-walkers and spectators to see whether the rates of spectators increased like those of people actually walking barefoot on hot coals. […] The researchers wanted … Continue reading

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Late nights can lead to higher risk of strokes and heart attacks (Study)

(Good, that I slept four hours tonight…) “New research from Warwick Medical School published today in the European Heart Journal shows that prolonged sleep deprivation and disrupted sleep patterns can have long-term, serious health implications. Leading academics from the University … Continue reading

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