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The faces of God in America: Revealing religious diversity across people and politics

“Literature and art have long depicted God as a stern and elderly white man, but do people actually see Him this way? We use reverse correlation to understand how a representative sample of American Christians visualize the face of God, … Continue reading

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New Study: Your Face Tells If You Own A Fleet Of Luxurious Cars

“When researchers asked subjects to determine the socio-economic class of people their faces, subjects were correct 68 percent of times. This figure is considerably higher than predictions made randomly.” […] “Though subjects were not aware of how they were determining … Continue reading

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Effects of face experience on emotions and self-esteem in Japanese culture (Study)

“Face plays an important role in social life. However, little is known about the psychological consequences of an individual’s face experiences. This study examined the effects of face experiences on emotions and self-esteem in a diary study conducted in Japanese … Continue reading

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Why Face Symmetry Is Sexy Across Cultures And Species (Study 2008; in ScienceDaily

“In humans, faces are an important source of social information. One property of faces that is rapidly noticed is attractiveness. Research has highlighted symmetry and sexual dimorphism (how masculine or feminine a face is) as important variables that determine a … Continue reading

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Facial Characteristics Indicative Of Personality Traits (Study, ScienceDaily, 2006)

“The team, in collaboration with the University of Durham and the University of St Andrews, asked participants to judge perceived age, attractiveness, and personality traits of real-life married couples. Photographs of female faces were viewed separately to male faces, so … Continue reading

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