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An Alternative View of Human Nature | Psychology Today

“The !Kung of Africa swap arrows before going hunting, and when an animal is killed, the credit does not go to the person who fired the arrow, but to the person whom the arrow belongs to. If a person becomes … Continue reading

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People who deeply grasp pain or happiness of others, process music differently in brain

“The researchers found that compared to low empathy people, those with higher empathy process familiar music with greater involvement of the reward system of the brain, as well as in areas responsible for processing social information. […]   Highly empathic … Continue reading

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The only emotions I can feel are anger and fear

“I just thought that I wasn’t good at talking about how I feel and emotions and stuff like that. But after a year of therapy, it became apparent that when I talk about emotions I don’t actually know what I’m … Continue reading

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Too much choice can be a bad thing (Study, APS)

“Too much choice can be a bad thing—not just for the individual, but for society. Thinking about choices makes people less sympathetic to others and less likely to support policies that help people, according to a study published in an … Continue reading

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College Students Are Less Empathic Than Generations Past

“…we are producing the most narcissistic “Generation Me” in history. […] A study of 14,000 college students found that today’s young people are 40 % less empathetic than college kids from 30 years ago. […] Researchers analyzed data from studies … Continue reading

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