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(Embodiment) Grounding cultural syndromes: Body comportment and values in honor and dignity cultures (Study)

“The body is a carrier of relatively complex cultural values. Three experiments examined links between body comportment and honor (a cultural syndrome prizing female chastity, familial loyalty, and reputation). We put participants from nonhonor (Anglo-Americans; Experiment 1) and honor (Latinos; … Continue reading

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“Want to solve a problem? Don’t just use your brain, but your body, too” (Study)

“The results: The people who were allowed to gesture usually did so—and they also commonly used perceptual-motor strategies in solving the puzzles. The people whose hands were restrained, as well as those who chose not to gesture (even when allowed), … Continue reading

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Positive fantasies about idealized futures sap energy (Study)

“Abstract Positive fantasies allow people to mentally indulge in a desired future. Whereas previous research found that spontaneously generated positive fantasies about the future predict poor achievement, we examined the effect of experimentally induced positive fantasies about the future. The … Continue reading

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A Full Bladder Makes You More Responsible (Study, APS)

“An upcoming study in Psychological Science found that when we’re controlling our bladder, we’re better at controlling ourselves when making decisions about the future.” http://www.psychologicalscience.org/index.php/publications/observer/obsonline/a-full-bladder-makes-you-more-responsible.html

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