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Everyday Misunderstandings: Postponing a Meeting

“When asked to move next Wednesday’s meeting two days forward, English speakers tend to disagree on whether it will move to Friday or Monday depending on their use of ego-moving or time-moving representations of time. […] Most participants answered Monday … Continue reading

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Is belief superiority justified by superior knowledge?

“• People expressing belief superiority claim enhanced knowledge on that topic. […] • Despite perceiving themselves as more knowledgeable, knowledge assessments revealed that the belief superior exhibited the greatest gaps between their perceived and actual knowledge. […] • Specifically, when belief … Continue reading

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Spurious? Name similarity effects (implicit egotism) in marriage, job, and moving decisions (Study)

“Three articles published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology have shown that a disproportionate share of people choose spouses, places to live, and occupations with names similar to their own. These findings, interpreted as evidence of implicit egotism, … Continue reading

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