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How Mindfulness Meditation Changes Decision-Making Process (Study, in ScienceDaily)

“If a friend or relative won $100 and then offered you a few dollars, would you accept this windfall? […] According to research conducted over the last three decades; only about one-fourth of us would say, “Sure. Thanks.” The rest … Continue reading

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Court rulings depend partly on when the judge last had a snack (TheEconomist)

“The law should be applied without fear or favour, with only cold reason and the facts of the case determining what happens to the accused. Lawyers, though, have long suspected that such lofty ideals are not always achieved in practice, … Continue reading

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A Full Bladder Makes You More Responsible (Study, APS)

“An upcoming study in Psychological Science found that when we’re controlling our bladder, we’re better at controlling ourselves when making decisions about the future.” http://www.psychologicalscience.org/index.php/publications/observer/obsonline/a-full-bladder-makes-you-more-responsible.html

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How long will it take? Power biases time predictions (Study)

“People tend to underestimate the time it takes to accomplish tasks. This bias known as the planning fallacy derives from the tendency to focus attention too narrowly on the envisaged goal and to ignore additional information that could make predictions … Continue reading

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