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Non-conscious goal conflicts (Study)

“Abstract The question raised in this paper is whether goal conflicts can occur outside of conscious awareness. Given the numerous and potentially conflicting goals people pursue, and the severe scarcity of mental resources, we offer a positive answer. Six experiments … Continue reading

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(Creepy indeed:) Decapitation in Rats: Latency to Unconsciousness and the ‘Wave of Death’ (Study)

Abstract “The question whether decapitation is a humane method of euthanasia in awake animals is being debated. To gather arguments in this debate, obsolete rats were decapitated while recording the EEG, both of awake rats and of anesthetized rats. Following … Continue reading

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How We Catch Errors When Brain Is On Autopilot (Study)

“New research from Vanderbilt University reveals that this skill is managed by an autopilot, one that is able to catch errors that can fool our conscious brain. “We all know we do some things on autopilot, from walking to doing … Continue reading

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Mystery of the Mind (Video; Discussion)

I really enjoyed listening to this 2-hour-roundtable-talk/discussion of 2007, between Ned Block, Richard Haier, Joseph LeDoux, Patrick McGrath, Craig Piers and Gianfranco Basti. I found it somewhat hard to listen to (and to follow) Giancarlo Basti, whom I nevertheless regard … Continue reading

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