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PTSD treatment and visual neurofeedback

“Military doctors have added a new technique to their arsenal of treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Neurofeedback, a therapy that practitioners claim can reboot the brain’s neural networks, has been introduced at several bases, VA clinics and even in … Continue reading

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“The French spend more time eating and drinking, sleeping and shopping than any other nationality” (Study, TheIndependent)

“…according to the latest Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development report. The OECD’s annual Society at a Glance survey examines a range of indicators such as family characteristics, rates of employment, poverty and inequality, and trust and tolerance, to assess … Continue reading

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“Generation FB”: The group of 15 who led Egypt’s protests (NYT)

“They were born roughly around the time that President Hosni Mubarak first came to power, most earned degrees from their country’s top universities and all have spent their adult lives bridling at the restrictions of the Egyptian police state — … Continue reading

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Robots to get their own internet (BBC News)

“Robots could soon have an equivalent of the internet and Wikipedia. European scientists have embarked on a project to let robots share and store what they discover about the world. Called RoboEarth it will be a place that robots can … Continue reading

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Anton Zeilinger about entanglement, quantum teleportation/computation and more

Very pleasant talk and person: Prof. Anton Zeilinger (experimental physicist) speaking in a very relaxed and easy-to-follow way about entanglement, quantum teleportation, qbits etc.

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‘Authoritarian Governments Have Immensely Benefited From The Web’ (Interview)

An interesting (and not too long) interview with Morozov about the internet and its role/function in forming political social groupings/identifiying social sentiment/political trends/upheavals etc. in autoritarian countries (but also “in general”). Interviewer: “One of your chapters is called “Why The … Continue reading

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Biotic Games with paramecia (and other living organisms). (Stanford)

“Instead of using software we use biological processes.”

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“Weizmann Institute scientists discover: A chemical signal in human tears”

“Specifically, they found that merely sniffing a woman’s tears – even when the crying woman is not present — reduces sexual arousal in men. Humans, like most animals, expel various compounds in body fluids that give off subtle messages to … Continue reading

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Negative Space

“Negative space, also known as whitespace, refers to the unmarked areas of the page. Collectively, it is the margins and the gaps between text blocks and images. Whitespace is as much a part of a composition as the titles, words … Continue reading

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Movement from nothing

“Empty space can set objects in motion, a physicist claims. Motion can be conjured out of thin air, according to a physicist in Israel. Alexander Feigel of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot says that objects can achieve speeds … Continue reading

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