Important social psychology theories (a collection)

This is just for myself, in order “not to forget” the theories I came accross during my social psychology studies at the University of Munich (random order):

  • social comparison processes
  • reactance
  • cognitive dissonance
  • elaboration likelihood model
  • group judgement, group decisions
  • influence of minorities on majorities
  • ingroup/outgroup phenomenon
  • social identity theory
  • prisoner’s dilemma
  • leadership theories
  • social cognitive theory (Bandura)
  • prospect theory
  • impression management
  • learned carelessness
  • communication models
  • concept-led information processing
  • “all the heuristics” (availability, scarcity, familiarity…)
  • prosociality
  • control theory (Frey)
  • fairness research
  • attitude and behaviour (planned behaviour; Frey, Stahlberg & Grollwitzer)
  • the hypothesis theory of social perception
  • aggressive behaviour
  • creativity and innovation
  • Stanford experiment (Zimbardo)
  • Milgram experiment
  • cognitive effects of forced compliance (Festinger & Carlsmith)
  • the individual and the group: Asch and Sherif

and more




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