Home and away: Tourists in a Connected World (Study 2007, thx ChrisJ)

Tourists now routinely travel with cell phones, have ready access to Internet cafes, and use low-cost fixed telephone services to remain in contact with people at home. Using the guiding ideas of the intersubjective construction of space and location, the meanings of “home” and being “away” were explored in relation to the regular contact made possible by these new communication services. It was found that the easy and frequent contact with friends and family members was associated with a feeling of being simultaneously at “home”, with continued participation in pre-existing social networks, while also being “away”.”

From the article:
“From this view, space and location are constructed intersubjectively and coincide with social worlds rather than with particular geographical sites. Schutz wrote about this phenomenon by distinguishing between life worlds that are within actual, as opposed to potential, reach (Schutz and Luckmann, 1973 A. Schutz and T. Luckmann, The Structures of the Life-World, Northwestern University Press, Evanston (1973).Schutz and Luckmann 1973).”

Naomi Rosh White and Peter B. White. Home and away: Tourists in a Connected World. Annals of Tourism Research, Volume 34, Issue 1, January 2007, Pages 88-104, doi:10.1016/j.annals.2006.07.001


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