Prosociality personality: Genetic factors women 50%, men 20% (Study, in TheIndependent)

“Women have a stronger genetic predisposition to help other people compared with men, according to a study that has found a significant link between genes and the tendency to be “nice”.

The research, based on an analysis of nearly 1,000 pairs of identical and non-identical twins, found that about half of “prosocial” traits – the willingness to help others – identified in women could be linked with genes rather than environmental upbringing, whereas the figure was just 20 per cent in men.

Scientists believe the findings lend further support to the idea that prosocial behaviour has a strong heritable component with some people displaying an innate tendency from childhood.” […]

“For women on this general prosociality personality it was about half and half: genetic factors were about 50 per cent. For men, it was less genetically influenced. About 20 per cent of this general prosociality personality had a genetic basis,” Mr Lewis said.

“What we are really saying here suggests interventions that encourage socially conscious behaviours may be useful but some individuals may be instinctively more prosocial than others.””

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