Thinner women get fatter paychecks (Study)

“A recent study has found that a worker’s girth can have an appreciable impact on the size of his or her paycheck. The study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that thin women are paid more than their average-size counterparts, while heavier women make less. Skinnier-than-average men, on the other hand, cash smaller paychecks than their average-weight peers.
Experts say it is another sign that as a society, we have internalized the unrealistic, media-driven physical ideals that show up in the workplace — and therefore the pocketbook.”
“According to the study, thin women earned about $16,000 more a year, on average. Thin men made about $8,000 less than their male co-workers.”

…that’s almost the whole article – seen here:

…the original article is here

By Judge, Timothy A.; Cable, Daniel M. (2011). When it comes to pay, do the thin win? The effect of weight on pay for men and women. Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol 96(1), Jan 2011, 95-112.


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