The Terminator Scenario: Are We Giving Our Military Machines Too Much Power? (PopSci)

This (long) article is dealing with the future challenges connected with the use of drones/robots mainly in the context of war (but also in general):

“The biggest danger is not the Terminator scenario everyone imagines, the machines taking over—that’s not how things fail,” Dahm said. His real fear was that we would build powerful military systems that would “take over the large key functions that are done exclusively by humans” and then discover too late that the machines simply aren’t up to the task. […]

“Ronald Arkin, the director of the Mobile Robot Laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology, hypothesizes that, within certain bounded contexts, armed robots could even execute military operations more ethically than humans.” […]

“David Woods, a professor at Ohio State University who specializes in human- robot coordination and who works closely with military researchers on automated systems, says that a simple rules-based approach will never be enough to anticipate the myriad physical and ethical challenges that robots will confront on the battlefield. There needs to be instead a system whereby, when a decision becomes too complex, control is quickly sent back either to a human or to another robot on a different loop.” […]
““If it weren’t for drones,” Patrick Lin says, “it’s likely we wouldn’t be there at all. These robots are enabling us to do things we wouldn’t otherwise do.”



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