Law And The Brain.

“Advances in neuroscience are providing insight to the inner workings of the human brain and these discoveries are increasingly being used in criminal and civil courts. […]
Learning Objectives (of the Conference in March 15-16, 2011)

  • What Brain Scans Can Tell You (and What They Can’t)
  • False Memories and Witness Reliability
  • fMRIs and Their Admissibility
  • How Neuroscience is Changing the Law
  • Brain Scans as the New Generation of Lie Detectors
  • Criminal Responsibility in the Age of Neuroscience
  • How Adolescent Brain Differ from Adult Brains and What It Means for the Law
  • Why Drug Addiction Affects the Brain and Why It Matters in the Courtroom
  • Psychopathy, Crime and Punishment
  • Ethical and Legal Implications of Using Cognitive Neuroscience Findings

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