Japanese hospitals are using near-infrared imaging to help diagnose psychiatric disorders. (Nature)

…”But critics are not sure the technique is ready for the clinic. […]
Fukuda says that it can help point to a diagnosis much like a chest X-ray might be used to help diagnose pneumonia or an electrocardiogram to define a heart problem. Aside from Fukuda and a group of doctors in Japan, however, few scientists are persuaded. Critics charge that the studies so far have been too few, too small and too weakly designed to warrant the technique’s clinical use. […]
Haruno says the patient numbers in the published studies are “far too small” to distinguish patterns, and that even if such patterns are found when signals are averaged across groups, this does not mean that one person’s pattern can be used to assign them to a group. “What does that mean for an individual patient? It’s very misleading,” Haruno says.”


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