Spacetime invisibility cloaks can hide entire events inside temporal voids

“The basic idea is surprisingly simple. We see things because our eyes are able to interpret information from visible light. That light travels at, obviously enough, the speed of light, which means we see things once light has traveled from them to our eyes. Technically speaking, we never see anything the exact instant happens – there’s always a time lag between the object and when we see it. […]
Let’s say you’re standing a mile away from an observer. You start slowly decreasing the speed of the light traveling towards the observer so that it’s only traveling at 60 miles per hour, or a mile per minute. Since you’re slowing the light down gradually, the observer won’t be able to perceive the change. Once the light has reached 60 miles per hour, the observer is now seeing you as you were one minute ago. You’ve now created a one minute spacetime corridor. You’ve now got a minute to do whatever you want without the observer having any idea what you’re up to.”

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