Body of Thought: How Trivial Sensations Can Influence Reasoning, Social Judgment and Perception

“…Just in the past few years studies have shown that holding a hot cup of coffee or being in a comfortably heated room warms a person’s feelings toward strangers; that striking an open, expansive “power pose” prompts people to make bolder decisions; that wearing a heavy backpack makes hills look steeper; that a water bottle looks closer when you are thirsty; that moving objects upward versus downward speeds recall for positive versus negative memories; and that sitting on a hard chair turns mild-mannered undergraduates into hard-headed negotiators.”
“A 2010 study led by Glenberg and University of Wisconsin–Madison graduate student David Havas bolsters that conclusion, showing that participants who underwent Botox treatment for frown lines were subsequently slower to comprehend sad and angry sentences but not happy ones.”

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